Astrology and Esoteric Masonry

Dorje Kirsten
August 3, 2023

Astrology and Esoteric Masonry:

While Masonry does not officially acknowledge astrology as a science it is inextricably linked to the knowledge that Masonry holds and passes on. When the Grand Lodge of England was created Astrology and Astronomy were not differentiated sciences and the study of the two arts went hand in hand. Historically there are many examples of Masons using and studying astrology to further the craft, their country, and themselves. In this lecture we will explore but a small stone of the Astral temple that is Astrology, as practiced by Masons. Examples will be explored for the founding of the Grand Lodge of England, the singing of the Declaration of Independence, and the laying of the cornerstone of the White House as examples of what is known as Electional Astrology and speculative insight into how it was used during those events.


Dorje Kirsten is a 32º Mason residing in Portland. He is currently the Preceptor of the Consistory of the Portland Valley Scottish Rite, as well as Senior Deacon at Research Lodge of Oregon AF&AM 198º. He has been a professional since 2004. Working on his rough ashlar has lead him to spend 14 years meditating at a Vajrayana retreat center in Northern California, owning a tea company, and a short career as a software engineer. He now is a full-time astrologer living in Portland where he raises his family of four kids with his better half. He was raised a Master Mason at Six Rivers Lodge No. 106 in Arcata California in 2018.

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