Esotericism in Freemasonry 2023

Come join us for Esotericism in Freemasonry Conference 2023 in Seattle, Washington at the Occidental Lodge from Friday September 29th to Sunday October 1st. Tickets onsale now!

Esoterism in Freemasonry 2023 Schedule

This is tentative and is subject to changes.

Saturday September 30th
9:45am to 10:15am
Opening Remarks Ken and Troy
10:15am to 10:30am
Keynote PD. Newman - Homer and the Heart of Theurgy
10:30am to 11:30am
Lunch (local spots to be suggested)
11:30am to 1pm
Keith Deighton Sacred Geometry
1pm to 2pm
Presenter Panel TBA
2pm to 3pm
Prof J Scott Kenney
3pm to 4pm
Dinner Local Spots (Speakers Provided Salad/Pizza at Lodge)
4pm to 6:30pm
MM* (Members Only)
7pm to 9:30pm
Social At Lodge
9:30pm to 10:30pm
Sunday October 1st • MEMBERS ONLY
9:45am to 10:15am
Secrecy and Freemasonry
11:15am to 12:15pm
Prof J. Scott Kenney
12:15pm to 1:15pm
Lunch (local spots to be suggested)
1:15pm to 2:30pm
Dorje Kirsten - Astrology, Astronomy, and Masonry
3pm to 3:50pm
PD Newman - Homer and the Heart of Theurgy
4pm to 4:50pm
Closing Remarks
Our Speakers

Blog posts from our
EFC2023 speakers

Homer and the Heart of Theurgy

“Homer and the Heart of Theurgy” explores the underlying theory of the art and science of Theurgy, as presented by the Neoplatonic philosopher, Porphyry, in his esoteric commentary on Homer’s Odyssey.

Alchemy and the Sprig of Acacia

“Alchemy and the Sprig of Acacia” takes the audience on a deep dive into the unknown history of the sprig of Acacia in Freemasonry.

The Pillar of Beauty

VWBr. Kenney summarizes the approaches towards the Pillar of Beauty as used in Craft Freemasonry

Astrology and Esoteric Masonry

While Masonry does not officially acknowledge astrology as a science it is inextricably linked to the knowledge that Masonry holds and passes on.

Blog posts from our
EFC2022 speakers

Previews and blogs from our speakers from EFC2022. Watch for new articles from the 2023 speakers (soon to be announced)

The disenchantment (and re-enchantment) of Freemasonry

The influence of modernity within the Craft exemplifies what Max Weber described as ‘disenchantment’ (Weber, 1958). I apply the use of this term, disenchantment, somewhat liberally in the argument that follows, but I believe it ultimately remains true to the original observations made by Weber.

Is Freemasonry Esoteric?

Masonry is a progressive moral science, divided into different degrees; and, as its principles and mystic ceremonies are regularly developed and illustrated, it is intended and hoped that they will make a deep and lasting impression upon your mind.

Elias Ashmole: initiation, alchemy, Freemasonry

The topic at hand concerns this: can it be determined that there are influences of alchemy in masonic traditions of initiation. Specifically, by examining the “Initiation of the Alchemist” (my title for this work) illustration in the Theatrum Chemicum Brittanicum (1652).

Freemasonry in academic studies of western esotericism

In this presentation, I will discuss these anti-esoteric attitudes among freemasons, contrasting them with views of academics, who often make direct connections between Freemasonry and esotericism.
Jamie Paul Lamb
3 min read

Astrology in the western tradition | Astrological symbolism in freemasonry

Ever since the advent of Sun sign astrology and newspaper horoscopes in the early 20th century, the nuanced complexity of this ancient art has become somewhat obscured.
Cleola Bostic
2 min read

Gender and Freemasonry

Yet today women are still unwelcome in "Regular” Masonic Lodges and “Regular” Freemasons are forbidden from visiting co-masonic lodges.
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